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About Us

Munir Brothers is an Islamabad based nation-wide distributor of highly professional Security and Communication equipment’s beside trading computer products to VARS, OEMs and system integrators in Pakistan.

Since venturing into this founding business in 1987 and its subsequent expansion as distributor of computer accessories, the company has continued to move forward as the IT industry progresses in the country.  As a result, the company has implemented vertical integration from a distributor of sole printer accessories to a multi-product line distributor with PC components, security and communication equipment’s.

Today, the company is focused on fiber consolidating product lines and developing them under its regional strategy while maintaining a global perspective.  The company has always been dedicated to providing top-quality products at affordable prices and is associated with a cluster of premier manufacturers who are also committed to the same ideal with an excellent sales team that is confident of penetrating and developing a base for these products in the local market.

Munir Brothers today is moving ahead with a corporate culture that practices commitment, honesty, integrity and team spirit as its core values; as well as the basic age-old practice of being customer-oriented in every aspect. The result of this high-held standard can be seen in Munir Brother’s open and conducive work environment, quality products, services, and client satisfaction as its hallmark.