Audio Amplifier GTV0100A.4


Product Description

The unit is used for adjustable attenuation of two AF channels and for adjustable amplification of two AF channels with level indication.


The unit is housed in a 2 RU 19“ subrack with very good RF shielding and consists of the following

–    adjustable attenuators
–    AF amplifiers
–    level indidation
–    power supply unit

All the necessary signal, power supply and earthing connections are provided at the rear.
The mains switch, the level indicator and the control elements to adjust gain/attenuation are located on the front panel.

Special features

The unit is constructed using a modular approach utilising 19” plug-in sub-assemblies which enable ease of installation and maintenance.

Technical data measured at 25 °C
Configuration: 2 amplification channels
2 attenuation channels
Audio specifications
Channels A/B
Inputs 50 Ohm unbalanced or 600 Ohm balanced
Outputs 50 Ohm unbalanced
Gain: 0 … + 60 dB adjustable
Channels C/D
Inputs 50 Ohm unbalanced
Outputs 50 Ohm unbalanced or 600 Ohm balanced
Attenuation: 0 … – 60 dB adjustable
Frequency range: DC … 200 kHz
Flatness: +/- 0,5 dB
Further specifications
RF connectors:
Unbalanced BNC female, 50 Ohm
Balanced circular connector, 3-pin, 600 Ohm
Power supply: 195 … 264 VAC, 47 … 63 Hz
Connector 3-pin, with mains filter and fuses
Mains switch: with integrated lamp
Temperature range:
Operating 0 … 50 °C
EMC: in accordance with European standard EN 55022 und EN 50082-1/2
Height 2 U
Width 19“
Depth about 290 mm (without connectors)
Front panel: painted light grey (RAL 7032)