RCIED Mobile Phone Pelican Jammer 20MHz -2700MHz, Max 590W, 8 Bands

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Product Description

Military/Police/Government/Convoy Jamming Portable

RCIED Jammer is a wide-band Vehicle jamming system, designed for the protection of VIP’s and groups of people from radio controlled improvised explosion by disabling the radio exploder control lines in dangerous areas and for the prevention of leakage of information through intercepting units during confidential talks. RCIED Jammer transmits RF interference and creates a “Radio Frequency Protected Zone” around the object that prevents remote controlled bomb activation by various RF means in its vicinity with a sufficient jamming safety radius, in order to save lives and prevent serious injuries. RCIED Jammers are also deployed to guard forces in the field, Dignitaries and VIP’s, checkpoint and border rossings, roadblocks, Embassies, Police and Government offices etc. RCIED Jammer are available in various models as per the frequency and output power. However these jammers can be customized as per the user requirements.


DDS-8028C  ( 8 Bands)
DDS 20-100MHz 100W

Civil Remote Contorl Toys,

DDS 100-500MHz 100W:

VHF/UHF, Walkie-Talkie, 350MHz TETRA, RC Devices,

920-965MHz: 100W

GSM 900

1800-1880MHz 100W

DCS 1800

2100-2170MHz: 100W


1520-1670MHz: 30W

GPS L1. SAT cell phones.

2400-2500MHz: 30W

WiFi 11.b, g

3.4-3.6GHz: 10W
570 W
Power supply: AC adapter   (AC220V-DC27V or 24V/  60-70 Amp)  
Jamming  Range: 500-1000 meters@-75dBm




Stand-alone modular design and individual power control.
Adjustable Output Power each Band/Channel
Remote Control by wired 5 Meters Cable
VSWR over protection for each modular.
Working status indicator for each band modular.
                          450MHz/VHF/UHF/WiFi/GPS/4G WiMax
Designed to cut off down-link only, Therefore it doesn’t have Interference to base station and repeater.
Weight:75 Kg (approximately) just main unit not included antenna & all accessories
Operating temperature: -20℃~ +60℃
Humidity: 5% ~ 90%
Antennas Spec DDS 20-100Mhz : Omni 2dBi, 1820mm, 2.5Kg
DDS 100-500Mhz : Omni 3dBi, 1215mm, 1.5Kg
850-960Mhz : Omni 5dBi, 650mm, 0.8Kg
1500-1600Mhz : Omni 5dBi, 650mm, 0.8Kg
1805-1990Mhz : Omni 5dBi, 650mm, 0.8Kg
2000-2200Mhz : Omni 6dBi, 650mm, 0.8Kg
2400-2500Mhz : Omni 7dBi, 650mm, 0.8Kg
3.4-3.6GHz : Omni 10 dBi, 650mm, 0.8Kg
Warranty: 1 year