Product Description

The PTC-IIIusb allows direct connection to a USB interface of the modern notebook, and thus expands the SCS equipment program. The PTC-IIIusb is constructed using existing equipment technology and its application is to be found mainly in the connection of clients. As a speciality, the PTC-IIIusb is equipped with a transceiver control port, which allows remote control of the connected radio via software.

The Hardware

  1. Fully compatible to existing software by using a virtual COM port assigned by the USB driver.

  2. One single connector to the HF/VHF transceiver    for all modes.

  3. Transceiver control for ICOM, YAESU, SGC, KENWOOD and Rohde&Schwarz, including RS232 for modern transceivers.

  4. Supported by Airmail/GetFax.

  5. Special JVCOMM32-Mode for optimum cooperation with JVCOMM32.

  6. Packet-Radio with 300, R600, 1200, 9600 and 19200 baud with built-in DSP.

  7. With two high performance processors from Freescale, the PTC-IIIusb achieves outstanding flexibility.

  8. Sophisticated signal processing and analyzing maintains a stable HF link even during difficult  propagation conditions.

  9. Temperature compensated crystal oscillator.

  10. 2 MB of static RAM.

  11. Electronic (silicon) serial number.

  12. Noise free HF reception by use of HF suitable construction, 6 layer multilayer board and filtering of all inputs and outputs.

  13. Compact SMD assembly.

  14. Flash-ROM for easy firmware updates.

  15. Dimensions: 125 W x 43 H x 138 D mm, 1.69 H x 4.92 W x 5.43 D inches.

  16.  Weight: 450 g

  17. Power Supply:  +10 to +20 V DC, 300 mA max. Reverse polarity protected.

  18. Fuse self resetting.


  1. Max. 1200 Bit/s, incl. data compression.

  2. Automatic adaption to the channel quality in 4 speed levels.

  3. Bandwidth 500 Hz.

  4. Use of the most modern transfer mode technics: convolutional coding, Viterbi-decoder, soft-decision and Memory ARQ allows error free data transfers even with inaudible signals.

  5. Automatic frequency correction of ± 80 Hz.

  6. Automatic adaption of the radio’s transmit power to the channel quality is possible.


Like PACTOR-II, but:

  1. max. 5200 Bit/s, incl. data compression.

  2. Automatic adaption to the channel quality in 6 speed levels.

  3. Bandwidth 2400 Hz.

Robust HF-Packet

  1. Newly developed very robust modulation for HF-Packet-Radio and APRS.

  2. Max. 600 Bit/s.

  3. Automatic frequency correction of ± 250 Hz. APRS

  4. Fully automatic APRS-Beacon